GasBuddy App to the Rescue

The other day I had a long drive ahead of me through a more rural part of Florida in the late evening. I was distracted when I got on the road, and suddenly realized that my gas tank was on empty. My CRV’s dashboard calculated that I had only 14 miles left before I would be left with fumes. YIKES! Since I was on I-75 and unfamiliar with the area I was in, I admittedly panicked.

Fortunately, after a moment serious of stress I remembered that I had an app on my iPhone called GasBuddy. GasBuddy tells you which gas stations are closest and have the best prices on gasoline. Thanks to GasBuddy, I was able to find a gas station seven miles off the interstate with 1 mile left in my gas tank to spare.

However, in a tight economy, the feature to find the cheapest gas (and good FL car insurance) in Tampa Bay is sometimes, well, priceless. The price of gasoline is reported by people who use the app; those who report prices are entered into drawings for gas gift cards. So, finding cheap gas and finding close gas stations in unfamiliar areas and when you need to find a close one fast (like I did last night!), certainly qualifies GasBuddy as an awesome app.

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You can also go to at your home or office computer to find the best Tampa gas prices and use their Trip Cost Calculator, as well as other helpful features.

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